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General info

The scalable cash handling component, GSR50, offers greater storage capacity through the use of additional modules and can be used as an acceptor, acceptor and dispenser, or recycler through the combination of the upper module and the modules equipped with storage, with consumption, and / or the recycling function.


GSR50 supports different combinations, from the minimum configuration, an acceptor, to a recycler equipped with high capacity cassettes for various environments.

Excellent validation and easy maintenance
GSR50 is equipped with a bill validation unit to support 256 denominations from several countries. The unit can also support the recognition of the serial number, a high security function required in the European and Chinese market.
In addition, the unit can simplify maintenance work as it consists of separate modules and only damaged modules should be replaced in case of any failure..

Sophisticated and compact

The size of an acceptor is very compact.
The dimensions are 160 mm x 600 mm x 312 mm (Width x Depth x Height).
The function of the unit can be improved by accumulating additional modules and there are no changes in the footprint.


GSR50  Specifications

Dimensions (W x D x H)

160 mm x 600 mm x 312-772 mm

Weight (without bills)

Aprox. 11.7 - 32.2kg

Recycling capacity Double drum: Approx. 60 notes / drum (120 notes / Recycling stacker)
Charger capacity Approx. 500 notes (internal area: 60 mm)
Box capacity
Approx. 1500 billetes (internal area: 225mm)


Additional Info

  • Category: Payment Systems.
  • Manufacturer: FUJITSU FRONTECH

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